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The Metro Block

metro block.png
Stone carved to depict Mocteczuma II as to celebrate his coronation.

Image of Gladiatorial Sacrifice

An account of gladiatorial sacrifice a top a temalácatl, like the Stone of Tizoc, in order to honor the gods. This image was captured by Friar Sahagún on his visit the Tenochtitlan in the 1500s.

Atlantean Ehecatl Quetzalcoatl 2

A sculptural depiction of the Ehecatl avatar of the god Quetzalcoatl

Tlaltecuhtli Monolith

Recovered Aztec monolith depicting Tlaltecuhtli. As usual he's shown as confined and upset, in keeping with his celestial narrative. Torn in two by rivals, one half of his body is fated to be the source of vitality for the earth and the other for the…

Teocalli de La Guerra Sagrada

Monolithic Sculpture imitating the form of an Aztec Temple. Glyphs and relief images on the sculpture indicate that it is emblematic of the authority maintained by the Aztec Imperial institution over both the physical state and the larger…

Seated pulque (octili) deity

This stone sculpture depicts a pulque deity, identifiable by its nasal ornament and face paint. The statue was found in Complex A's Offertory Cache 6 in the portion dedicated to Huitzilopochltli in the Templo Mayor during the Stage IVb excavations in…

Eagle Cuauhxicalli

Cuauhxicalli_Templo Mayor (1).jpg
This sculpture depicts a golden eagle, poised ready to attack. The bowl on its back identifies the object as a cuauhxicalli or ‘eagle vessel’, a container used for sacrificial offerings. The sculpture can be viewed at Museo Templo Mayor in…


Mixcoatl is shown in profile, carrying an atlatl and arrows, as well as a hunting basket. He is wearing a tunic, a headdress, facepaint, sandals, a turqouise breastplate, a headband, bracelets and cuffs, a stone septum plug, and his skin is painted…